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DE sea IPTV live experience



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Keeping up with the technological frontier, keeping innovation strength
H. 265 + P2P HEVC streaming media technology, top play more smooth, more clear image quality. 350 + fine television channels such as you experience at home and abroad

The experience of special equipment is not the same

DE sea machine

Live large resources, including mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other countries or regions of more than 350 channels, rich video content can meet your needs. More rounds of information channels, contents include the popular film and television, variety, sports, shopping, anime, such as cars, rich resources easy to enjoy.

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  • 95%Customer renewal rate of more than
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    DEKEiTV live broadcast system & lt; Brt & GT; WeChat contact: dekeitv & lt; Brt & GT; Mainland Address: Shenzhen & lt; China; Brt & GT; Zip Code: 518,000

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